Capps, Grayson: If You Knew My Mind

Grayson Capps: If You Knew My Mind
Title: If You Knew My Mind
Artist: Capps, Grayson
Label: Royal Potato
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 020286219200
Genre: Country

This sophomore Southern gothic tour de force by the former front-man of the House Levellers opens with "Get Back Up," a song that soaks into your veins; it's grungy guitar and bluesy harmonica hypnotise you for the telling tales that follow. This swampy blues-rocker paints a picture of Capps' life in New Orleans in his early 20s. With a Southern drawl that drips from his lips, Capps narrates a time when he lived in a place that "ain't on a map" and that had a "horse and a train and a garden in the back yard." He recalls this "rotten paradise" as a reminder of where he's been and as a reminder to keep persevering, whatever the odds.

1.1 Get Back Up
1.2 If You Knew My Mind
1.3 Slidell
1.4 I Can't Hear You
1.5 A Love Song for Bobby Long
1.6 Graveyard
1.7 Mercy
1.8 Lorraine S Song
1.9 Washboard Lisa
1.10 Buckshot
1.11 How S I to Know
1.12 I See You
1.13 Keep Your Lamp Trimmed ; Burning
1.14 Banjo Player
1.15 Washboard Lisa (Truckfarm)

Capps, Grayson: If You Knew My Mind

Product-type:VINYL LP

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