Giraldo, Greg: Midlife Vices

Greg Giraldo: Midlife Vices
Title: Midlife Vices
Label: Comedy Central

Listen to the follow-up album to his amazing debut GOOD DAY TO CROSS A RIVER. Recorded in front of a raucous hometown crowd in New York City, Giraldo laments America's childhood obesity epidemic, explains why he takes umbrage with the term "happily married," and shares his favorite "only in New York" moments.

1.1 You Got A.I.D.S Yo
1.2 Handicapped Room
1.3 Energy Policy/Fat Kids
1.4 Old People/Race/Election
1.5 Divorce/Snacks/Kangaroo F*Ing
1.6 Women/Old Drinking
1.7 Supreme Court Justice/Humbling Escort
1.8 Texting/Technology/Wall Punching
1.9 The Economy/Stem Cells and J*Z
1.10 Sleepy Rasta/Y As in Jello
1.11 Sports/China
1.12 Happy Birfday

Giraldo, Greg: Midlife Vices

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