Guiness, Alec / Burton, Richard / Betjeman, John: The Gift Of Poetry

Guiness, Alec / Burton, Richard / Betjeman, John: The Gift Of Poetry
Title: The Gift Of Poetry
Label: Alto

Over 78 mins of sustained quality favorites, well-remastered vintage classic tracks chosen by experts, legendary voices.

1.1 W. H. Auden: The Night Mail (John Laurie)
1.2 Laurie Lee: April (Laurie Lee)
1.3 Oscar Wilde: Ballad of Reading Gaol (Frank Duncan)
1.4 Robert Burns: Red, Red Rose (John Neville)
1.5 Alec Guinness Reading: (*With Osian Ellis, Harp) E. E. Cummings: Sweet Spring
1.6 E. E. Cummings: When Faces Called Flowers
1.7 E. E. Cummings: The Moon Looked Into My Window
1.8 Thomas H. Bayly: Ask Me Not for Sportive Lays*
1.9 Cornelius Whur: The Female Friend*
1.10 Thomas H. Bayly: Toujours Le Meme*
1.11 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Exelsior*
1.12 Richard Burton Reading: Thomas Hardy: Wessex Heights
1.13 Thomas Hardy: The Voice
1.14 John Clare: Autumn
1.15 Christopher Marlowe: The Passionate Shepherd
1.16 Walter Raleigh: Nymph's Reply
1.17 Bishop Henry King: From Exequy on His Wife
1.18 William Dunbar: From Lament of the Makers
1.19 Robert Graves: Welsh Incident
1.20 John Betjeman Reading Betjeman: The Church's Restoration
1.21 Olympic Girl
1.22 Seaside Golf
1.23 Business Women
1.24 Indoor Games Near Newbury
1.25 How to Get on in Society
1.26 Licorice Fields at Pontefract
1.27 Robert Donat Reading: A. E. Housman: From Far from Eve and Morning
1.28 John Betjeman: Death at Leamington
1.29 Coventry Patmore: The Toys
1.30 T. S. Eliot: Gus, the Theatre Cat
1.31 Yuan Jie: Drunk Song on Stone Fish Lake
1.32 Robert Browning: Ring and the Book (Extract)
1.33 WM Shakespeare: On Her Reign (From Henry VIII)
1.34 Shakespeare: 'Dirge for Fidele' from Cymbeline (Fear No More the Heat of the Sun...)
1.35 William Wordsworth: Intimations of Immortality
1.36 John Donne: A Devotion (No Man Is An Island) (Orson Welles)
1.37 Langston Hughes: Freedom Train (Paul Robeson)
1.38 Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Address (Orson Welles)

Guiness, Alec / Burton, Richard / Betjeman, John: The Gift Of Poetry

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