Snow, Hank: Goldrush Is Over-Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

Hank Snow: Goldrush Is Over-Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
Title: Goldrush Is Over-Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
Label: Bear Family Germany

Another incredible release in Bear Family's standard-raising 'Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight' series.Many of the greatest recordings by one of the top country entertainers of all time... and the man who helped discover Elvis!Features the original version of I'm Movin' On... The song that stayed at #1 on the country charts for 21 weeks, the longest time ANY song ever stayed on the country charts.Hank Snow began his career in Dickensian poverty in the Canadian Maritimes during the Depression and ended his career starring at the Grand Ole Opry alongside Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. Hank Snow recorded more than 800 songs for RCA between 1936 and 1981, and Bear Family hired expert music historian Bill Millar to select the uptempo songs that pointed towards rockabilly and rock 'n' roll.And so Bill selected all-time classics like I'm Movin' On, The Golden Rocket, The Rhumba Boogie, I've Been Everywhere, I Don't Hurt Any More, and Music Makin' Mama From Memphis, as well as lesser known but equally stellar recordings like The Gold Rush Is Over, Blue Ranger, and classic train songs like One More Ride and Wreck Of The Old 97. It all adds up to a compelling portrait of a man who hated rock 'n' roll, but helped discover Elvis, and made some records whose giddy energy and stinging guitar pointed straight toward rockabilly!

1.1 I'm Movin' on
1.2 Rhumba Boogie
1.3 Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart
1.4 Golden Rocket
1.5 (Now and Then There's) a Fool Such As I
1.6 Wreck of the Old 97
1.7 Confused with the Blues
1.8 Don't Hang Around Me Anymore
1.9 Ben Dewberry's Final Run
1.10 Blue Ranger
1.11 One More Ride
1.12 Music Makin' Mama from Memphis
1.13 Goldrush Is Over
1.14 Lady's Man
1.15 I Don't Hurt Anymore
1.16 Reindeer Boogie
1.17 Honeymoon on a Rocketship
1.18 Southern Cannonball
1.19 Can't Have You Blues
1.20 Conscience I'm Guilty
1.21 Dog Bone
1.22 Hula Rock
1.23 Loose Talk
1.24 Squid Jiggin' Ground
1.25 New Blue Velvet Band
1.26 Tangled Mind
1.27 On a Tennessee Saturday Night
1.28 I'm Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail
1.29 Miller's Cave
1.30 I've Been Everywhere

Snow, Hank: Goldrush Is Over-Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

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