Hatebreed: Perseverance

Hatebreed: Perseverance
Title: Perseverance
Artist: Hatebreed
Label: Universal Import
UPC: 044001710520
Genre: Rock

Behold "Hatebreed - Perseverance," an unrelenting masterpiece that sets your spirit ablaze. This powerhouse album, fueled by blistering ri-ffs, thunderous drums, and Jamey Jasta's vocal fury, defies all odds with it's raw intensity. Notable tracks include "Proven," an anthemic declaration of resilience that propels the listener forward; "I Will Be Heard," a rallying cry for the marginalized; and "Perseverance," the album's eponymous track that encapsulates the unwavering spirit and unyielding will to overcome any obstacle. "Perseverance" is more than an album-it's a testament to the indomitable human spirit, where music becomes an unstoppable force that empowers us to conquer any challenge. Prepare for an epic journey of resilience and triumph.

1.1 Proven
1.2 Perseverance
1.3 You're Never Alone
1.4 I Will Be Heard
1.5 A Call for Blood
1.6 Below the Bottom
1.7 We Still Fight
1.8 Unloved
1.9 Bloodsoaked Memories
1.10 Hollow Ground
1.11 Final Prayer
1.12 Smash Your Enemies
1.13 Healing to Su Er Again
1.14 Judgement Strikes (Unbreakable)
1.15 Remain Nameless
1.16 Outro

Hatebreed: Perseverance


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