Huerta: Apache Line

Huerta: Apache Line
Title: Apache Line
Label: Amadeus Records
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Huerta presents Apache Line, bringing Youandewan. "Mandala" carries itself through chugging shakers and pad-work, held tightly in place by the squelchy, off-kilter lead. The tune never quite sits still, bubbling about by each percolating percussive layer. "Eistee" is at best the chiller-fitting, with jacking percussion and complimenting drum programming giving this track it's toughness. "Apache Line" only reaches it's incline after the minute mark. Spring delayed and filtered heavily, the track's wonky lead bleeds through as if to enrapture you in it's thermal clutch. Youandewan adds the floor-readied "Yo Endlos" - simplicity in it's step but tightness throughout it's progression.

1.1 Huerta - Mandala
1.2 Huerta - Eistee
2.1 Huerta - Apache Line (With Youandewan)
2.2 Youandewan - Yo Endlos

Huerta: Apache Line

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE
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