I Was a King: Old Friends

I Was a King: Old Friends
Title: Old Friends
Artist: I Was a King
Label: Sounds Familyre
UPC: 656605553825
Genre: Alternative Rock

Old Friends is a record of excitement, managing a tension between control and chaos, harmony and discord, old and new; a tension that is always teetering, but never stumbling. There is also a comfortableness to the music, the same kind of comfort you feel when you're with people you've known for a very long time; the comfort to risk, to stretch, to laugh. Old Friends is very special music. It is music not unlike the phenomenon of friendship itself: A sublime oddity.

1.1 The Wylde Boys
1.2 Echoes
1.3 Learning to Fly
1.4 Nightwalking
1.5 Snow Song
1.6 Someone Is Waiting
1.7 Unreal
1.8 Forgive and Forget
1.9 Daybreak
1.10 Kontrari
1.11 Here to Stay
1.12 Old Friends

I Was a King: Old Friends


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