Igorrr: Savage Sinusoid

Igorrr: Savage Sinusoid
Title: Savage Sinusoid
Label: Metal Blade
Product Type: VINYL LP

Igorrr / SAVAGE SINUSOID - Savage Sinusoid as a completely sample-free record, Serre reunited with vocalists Laurent Lunoir and Laure Le Prunenec, and collaborated with more musicians than on any of his previous releases. While remaining the primary songwriter, Serre maintained an open-minded approach, taking on board suggestions made to him - his intention always to make the best possible album. Electronic manipulations, accordion, saxophone, sitar, harpsichord, mandolin and strings sit comfortably alongside ruthless blastbeats - courtesy of drummer Sylvain Bouvier - chunky riffs, death grunts and soaring operatic vocals, and as chaotic as this might sometimes seem, there is no lack of heart behind everything thundering from the speakers. When it comes to vocals, Serre sends the tracks out to vocalists with an outline of what they should record, though giving them space to adapt them as they see fit, with further revisions made once in the studio.

1.1 Viande
1.2 Ieud
1.3 Houmous
1.4 Opus Brain
1.5 Problème D'émotion
1.6 Spaghetti Forever
1.7 Cheval
1.8 Apopathodiaphulatophobie
1.9 Va Te Foutre
1.10 Robert
1.11 Au Revoir

Igorrr: Savage Sinusoid

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