Indiggo Twins: Wicked Clone (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording)

Indiggo Twins: Wicked Clone (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording)
Title: Wicked Clone (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording)
Label: Broadway Records

Original cast recording. Wicked Clone - The Cinema Musical is written, created, composed, choreographedand performed by Indiggo Twins - Mihaela & Gabriela Modorcea and based on their bestselling novel of the same title. It is a live stage musical based on Wicked Clone Or How To Deal With The Evil, a cinema novel written by Mihaela Modorcea. Wicked Clone is an immersive blend of musical theater, epic film projections depicting 15th century Transylvania to modern day NYC (and beyond,) and a "magic realist" story about a vampire bitten by a human being which "turns the tables on tradition." The symphonic recording album features 25 original songs written, arranged and produced by the Indiggo Twins who play piano, guitar, drums and sing in multiple harmonies which "could bewitch the spirits and make one live 1000 years more" (a lyric from the song, "Dracula's Land," on the album.

1.1 Hello
1.2 Up and Down
1.3 Eureka
1.4 Nails Up
1.5 La la la
1.6 Bite Back
1.7 Half Man, Half Vamp
1.8 A Kiss to Live
1.9 Ride with Me
1.10 Honey, Money
1.11 White Lies, White Sins
1.12 Wicked Clone
1.13 Little Lying Mirror
1.14 Pull the Curtains Back
1.15 Take Off Your Mask
1.16 Younger Than Yesterday
1.17 Queen of Tango
1.18 Love Flu
1.19 I'm Afraid of Who I Am
1.20 Tell Me Less ; Love Me More
1.21 Different
1.22 Ooh la la / Fairies Call
1.23 I Am Like God
1.24 Dracula's Land
1.25 Immortal

Indiggo Twins: Wicked Clone (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording)

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