Hammer, Jack: Twistin King: Best Of Jack Hammer 1958-1962

Jack Hammer: Twistin King: Best Of Jack Hammer 1958-1962
Title: Twistin King: Best Of Jack Hammer 1958-1962
Label: Jasmine Records

Earl Solomon Burroughs - aka Jack Hammer - was one of America's most enduring and versatile talents. A multilingual singer, songwriter, poet, pianist, dancer, actor, comedian, impressionist, playwright and artist, he enjoyed success across all these fields in a long, rewarding life/career. Although remembered rather more for songwriting ('Great Balls Of Fire', 'Peek-A-Boo') than singing, Jack also, nonetheless, enjoyed success as a mainstream Pop star in Europe during the early 60s, as "The Twistin' King"!This compilation presents the Very Best of his record releases between 1958-1962, including a trio of sides from his 1960 jazzy 'concept album', "Rebellion", which is nowadays a huge collectors' item. Also included are his European Twistin' successes, most notably his biggest sellers, 'The Kissin' Twist', 'Twist Talk', 'The Wiggle' and, of course, our title track.

1.1 Girl, Girl, Girl
1.2 Little-Bitty Goose Pimples
1.3 The Hawks and the Crowns
1.4 Concrete Desert
1.5 Mean and Evil Me
1.6 Good Gravy (As Tommy Hawke)
1.7 Juliette
1.8 The Kissin' Twist
1.9 Melancholy Boy
1.10 Let's Twist Again
1.11 The Twistin' King
1.12 Boogie Woogie Twist
1.13 Twist Talk
1.14 Crazy Twist
1.15 Don't Let Baby Know
1.16 The Wiggle
1.17 The Wiggling Fool
1.18 Stop-Slop
1.19 Can't You Do It
1.20 Electricity
1.21 Espana Te Quiero
1.22 Ali Ben Ghazi
1.23 Sugar Boy
1.24 It's Good
1.25 Fire Baby
1.26 Number 2539
1.27 Twist and Shout
1.28 Spelling Twist
1.29 Twist in the Morning
1.30 Twist Turn and Twirl
1.31 Come Twist Around the Clock
1.32 Twistin' Blues

Hammer, Jack: Twistin King: Best Of Jack Hammer 1958-1962

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