Japanese Wallpaper: Glow

Japanese Wallpaper: Glow
Title: Glow
Artist: Japanese Wallpaper
Label: Nettwerk Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 190759825716
Genre: Rock

Vinyl LP pressing. Armed with a defining new sound and more confidence than the teen that emerged from his debut EP, sought after producer/songwriter Gab Strum (aka Japanese Wallpaper) delivers his first full-length, Glow. Exploring the tender emotions of late teendom and early 20s turmoil, Strum validates the mundane, no emotion is wasted. "None of the things are about massive changes or massive terrible things that happened, or big breakups," he says. "It's all songs about little things and it's also fine to be affected by little things." Whimsical, yet wistful, textured but not overwhelming, Strum fuses acoustic and electronic instrumentation, rife with electric guitar riffs which nestle into synth loops. Glow is a purposeful arrangement and a slight divergence from Japanese Wallpaper's prior strictly electronic base. Another artistic choice employed on Glow is the absence of featured singers - or rather, the emergence of Strum's own voice. With Glow Strum continues to prove himself as one of Australia's most promising talents.


Japanese Wallpaper: Glow

Product-type:VINYL LP

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