Kelly, Jeff: Beneath The Stars Above The River

Jeff Kelly: Beneath The Stars Above The River
Title: Beneath The Stars Above The River
Artist: Kelly, Jeff
Label: Green Monkey Records
UPC: 718483105326
Genre: Rock

Beneath The Stars, Above The River is Jeff Kelly's first release since the Green Pajamas final show. The album is not traditional folk songs as such, but the rhythm and melody reflect his fascination with fado music. It isn't solely the music of these countries, but the landscapes and people, the rivers and the wine, the stories and the flavors that are interpreted through Jeff's eyes and songs. The whole album was fully realized after traveling to both countries with his wife, Susanne, in 2017 and 2018.Jeff: "The Douro River wind and rain, the women begging for more euros, Juliana of the one-man scanner station in Antequera, were all real. Drinking dark beer under cathedral bells in Lisbon, the romance of an evening on the Guadalqiver in Seville, it all happened. I was very inspired!"

1.1 The Initial Kiss
1.2 The River Rain 1
1.3 If Only
1.4 Juliana of the One-Man Scanner Station
1.5 Señor, Señor
1.6 Todo Por la Gitana
1.7 Hush of the Southern Night
1.8 Moon Over Granada
1.9 The Lisbon Vampire
1.10 Lily
1.11 Douro River Wind
1.12 Kiss the Moon Hello
1.13 The River Rain 2
1.14 Alleys of Madrid

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Kelly, Jeff: Beneath The Stars Above The River


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