Those Pretty Wrongs: Those Pretty Wrongs

Jody Stephens: Those Pretty Wrongs
Title: Those Pretty Wrongs
Label: Ardent Music

Those Pretty Wrongs (featuring Jody Stephens and Luther Russell) Kelley Stoltz, Bart Davenport, DJ Derek James of The Entrance Band Those Pretty Wrongs are Jody Stephens and Luther Russell, two old friends and veterans of the music scene in different ways. Jody was the drummer for the legendary band Big Star and now helps run equally legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis. Luther Russell was the leader of seminal roots-rock band The Freewheelers and is now an acclaimed solo artist and producer. - It was the documentary Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me that brought Jody and Luther together creatively, when Jody asked Luther to join him for some promo performances. A chemistry was immediately noticed. They began writing songs and performing them whenever possible, soon taking their name from the opening line of Shakespeare Sonnet 41, which they slipped into one of their first collaborations, "Fool Of Myself". Burger Records released the first track they cut in Memphis, "Lucky Guy", with "Fool Of Myself" as the flip side. There was an outpouring of support for the new music, which gave Jody and Luther the confidence to move forward. - We've wanted to keep this thing sounding and feeling personal from the start because it's extremely personal for both of us." Just like Luther's handmade collage inside the LP, the record is akin to a series of snapshots: of lives present and past, and fleeting moments of simple joy and reflection.

1.1 Ordinary
1.2 I'm for Love
1.3 Lucky Guy
1.4 Empty City
1.5 Thrown Away
1.6 Never Goodbye
1.7 The Cube
1.8 Start Again
1.9 Mystery Trip
1.10 The Heart

Those Pretty Wrongs: Those Pretty Wrongs

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