Ritter, Josh: The Animal Years

Josh Ritter: The Animal Years
Title: The Animal Years
Label: Junketboy
Product Type: VINYL LP

The original studio album has been digitally remastered by James Guthrie (co-producer of THE WALL) and reissued with newly crafted packaging and booklet.

1.1 Girl in the War 4:23
1.2 Wolves 4:04
1.3 Monster Ballads 4:05
1.4 Lillian, Egypt 3:24
1.5 Idaho 3:51
1.6 In the Dark 4:41
1.7 One More Mouth 3:29
1.8 Good Man 4:09
1.9 Best for the Best 3:58
1.10 Thin Blue Flame 9:38
1.11 Here at the Right Time 3:40
2.1 Girl in the War (Solo Acoustic)
2.2 Wolves (Solo Acoustic)
2.3 Monster Ballads (Solo Acoustic)
2.4 Lillian, Egypt (Solo Acoustic)
2.5 Idaho (Solo Acoustic)
2.6 In the Dark (Solo Acoustic)
2.7 One More Mouth (Solo Acoustic)
2.8 Good Man (Solo Acoustic)
2.9 Best for the Best (Solo Acoustic)
2.10 Thin Blue Flame (Solo Acoustic)
2.11 Here at the Right Time (Solo Acoustic)
2.12 Blame It on the Tetons (Written By Modest Mouse)
2.13 Harbortown
2.14 Peter Killed the Dragon
2.15 Monster Ballads (Early Version)

Ritter, Josh: The Animal Years

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