King Crimson: The Elements Tour Box 2020

King Crimson: The Elements Tour Box 2020
Title: The Elements Tour Box 2020
Artist: King Crimson
Label: DGM
UPC: 633367792921
Genre: Rock

2 CD history of King Crimson featuing man extracts and tracks appearing for the frist time on CD. Packaged in a digi-pack style book case with 24-page booklet. Contains material from every King Crimson line-up from 1969-2019. Originally prepared for 2020 tour which is now postponed with same venues to 2021. Introductory notes by Robert Fripp and sleeve notes by King Crimson historian, Sid Smith.

1.1 Wind Extract
1.2 I Talk to the Wind (Alt 2019 Mix)
1.3 Moonchild (Including Cadenzas, Live 23rd Sept., 2019)*
1.4 in the Wake of Poseidon (Greg Lake Isolated Vocal)*
1.5 Peace a Theme (Live 26th Oct., 1973)*
1.6 Cat Food (Live 26th Oct., 1973)
1.7 Last Skirmish (Live 10th June, 2019)*
1.8 Prince Rupert's Lament (Alt Take)
1.9 the Letters (Bill Rieflin Isolated, Edit Secion 1)*
1.10 the Letters (Robert Fripp Guitars, Early Take)*
1.11 the Letters (Bill Rieflin Isolated, Edit, Section 2)*
1.12 Ladies of the Road (Fripp/Singleton Mix)
1.13 Easy Money (Live 5th Sept., 2019)*
1.14 Fracture (Live 2016)
1.15 One More Red Nightmare (Live 4th July, 2019)*
1.16 Starless (Mark Charig Featured Studio 1974)
2.1 the Sheltering Sky (Live 18th July, 2019)*
2.2 San Francisco
2.3 Frame X Frame (Jakszyk/Harrison Pre-2019 Tour Demo)*
2.4 Running Dat 17 (Edit) (Rehearsals from Thrak)
2.5 Exiles (Live June, 2017)*
2.6 North Star (Exposure Rehearsals)
2.7 Breathless (Live 2018)
2.8 the Errors (Live 13th Nov., 2017)
2.9 Ian, Boz ; Robert (Studio Jam 1971)
2.10 Disengage (Exposure Rehearsals)*
2.11 Guts on My Side (Live 19th March, 1974)
2.12 Dr. Diamond (Live, 16th June, 1973)*
2.13 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live Detroit, 1972)
2.14 Trees (Extract Live 1969)
2.15 the Sheltering Scape (Assembled By Alex R. Mundy)

King Crimson: The Elements Tour Box 2020


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