Kraftwerk: Live Paris 76 & Utrecht 81

Kraftwerk: Live Paris 76 & Utrecht 81
Title: Live Paris 76 & Utrecht 81
Label: On Loop
Product Type: VINYL LP

Founded in 1970 in Dusseldorf, Kraftwerk was the only German band to rise from the so-called "krautrock" scene to true international stardom. Of course, it was partially their distinct look that set them apart. At a time when long hair and scruffy clothing was the norm for musicians, Kraftwerk cut their hair short and wore handmade suits. And at a time when guitar rock reigned supreme, Kraftwerk did not even have a guitar player - in fact they soon did away with instruments altogether, becoming one of the first truly electronic bands. With the release of their fifth album Autobahn in 1975 (which mocked the glorification of the shiny modern world that had been built upon the rubble of post-war Germany), Kraftwerk finally achieved major stardom. "Kometenmelodie 1" and "2" was recorded live in Paris during the Autobahn tour and featured the classic Schneider/Hütter/Bartos/Flür line-up. Side B was recorded live in Utrecht in 1981 shortly after the release of their prophetic Computer World. It features their 1978 hit "The Model" plus hits from the album, "Numbers" and "Pocket Calculator".

1.1 Live in Paris (1976):
1.2 Kometenmelodie Eins (10:57)
1.3 Kometenmelodie Zwei (10:37)
2.1 Live in Utrecht (1981):
2.2 Nummern (3:32)
2.3 Computerwelt (3:36)
2.4 Metropolis (5:34)
2.5 The Model (3:31)
2.6 Computerliebe (5:37)
2.7 Pocket Calculator (5:35)

Kraftwerk: Live Paris 76 & Utrecht 81

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