Krezma / Antoniazzo / Elezovic: Lieder

Krezma / Antoniazzo / Elezovic: Lieder
Title: Lieder
Artist: Krezma / Antoniazzo / Elezovic
Label: Antes
UPC: 4014513036209
Genre: Classical Artists

Franjo Krežma is, without a doubt, a unique phenomenon in the history of Croatian music - with his gorgeous talent and ingenuity he worthily fits in the rich Croatian violin tradition, which starts in the XVII Century, when violin became one of the most important solo instruments. Franjo Krežma shines strongly, although unfortunately shortly, during the period of romanticism, followed by numerous names of the Zagreb violin school. The present release showcases songs by Franjo Krežma featuring poems by Heinrich Heine and Nikolaus Lenau. Soprano Natasa Antoniazzo is joined for this recording by pianist Maria Elezovic.


Krezma / Antoniazzo / Elezovic: Lieder


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