Tunstall, Kt: Drastic Fantastic

Kt Tunstall: Drastic Fantastic
Title: Drastic Fantastic
Label: Virgi

Drastic Fantastic is a collection of soaring Pop songs and intimate ballads. Produced by Steve Osbourne (producer of Eye to the Telescope) it sees Tunstall's considerable songwriting skills and unique vocals underpinned by a rawer musical backdrop than it's predecessor. Full of powerful lyrics, bold colorful melodies and adventurous musicianship, it's a very definite move forward for Tunstall. Pensive ballads like 'White Bird' and 'Beauty of Uncertainty' are complimented by the infectious lead single 'Hold On', and rollicking pop gems like 'Saving My Face' and the folk-punk of 'I Don't Want You Now'. Virgin.

1.1 Little Favours
1.2 If Only
1.3 White Bird
1.4 Funny Man
1.5 Hold on
1.6 Hopeless
1.7 I Don't Want You Now
1.8 Saving My Face
1.9 Beauty of Uncertainty
1.10 Someday Soon
1.11 Paper Aeroplane
1.12 [CD-ROM Track]

Tunstall, Kt: Drastic Fantastic


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