Land of Talk: Some Are Lakes

Land of Talk: Some Are Lakes
Title: Some Are Lakes
Artist: Land of Talk
Label: Saddle Creek
UPC: 648401012620
Genre: Alternative Rock

Having supported the Decemberists, Tapes N Tapes and Broken Social Scene, Montreal based LAND OF TALK are back with their glorious brand of Canadian Indie Pop. ELIZABETH POWELL'S vocals, honeyed and broken, recall Chan Marshall's warm disquiet and Julana Hatfield's bright. After more than two years of touring for their debut release, and having gained and lost a few members, Land of Talk retired to their hometown of Montreal to roll tape on a batch of new songs. Clarity. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Elizabeth Powell set about making an album that could encompass a great deal with very little, an aesthetic in stark contrast to the orchestral pop and digi-tweaked indie chic. With bassist Chris McCarron and drummer Andrew Barr (The Slip), the band set up in an old converted church outside of Montreal and recorded 9 songs with the helping hands of Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) on the boards. The tenth and final track "Troubled" was recorded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, at Vernon's parents' home.

1.1 Yuppy Flu
1.2 Death By Fire
1.3 The Man Who Breaks Things (Dark Shuffle)
1.4 Some Are Lakes
1.5 Give Me Back My Heart Attack
1.6 It's Okay
1.7 Young Bridge
1.8 Corner Phone
1.9 Got a Call
1.10 Troubled
1.11 [CD-ROM Track]

Land of Talk: Some Are Lakes


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