Mingyue, Liang: Yangguan San Die: Parting At Yangguan

Liang Mingyue: Yangguan San Die: Parting At Yangguan
Title: Yangguan San Die: Parting At Yangguan
Artist: Mingyue, Liang
Label: Wergo Germany
UPC: 4010228170627
Genre: International, Chinese

The chordophone instrument qin occupies a principal position in classical Chinese music. Not only does it express the essential views and the cultivation of Chinese music, but it is also firmly rooted in the traditional philosophical worldview of ancient China. It's quiet dynamics and it's subtle timbres demand concentrated listening and a probing sensibility. Liang Mingyue (b. 1941, Beijing) belongs among the foremost artists and authorities of the qin. 80-page, richly illustrated booklet.

1.1 Yangguan San Die/Abschied Am Yangguan/Parting at Yangguan
1.2 Ping Sha Luo Yan/Wildganse Lassen Sich Auf Dem Sandstrand Nieder/Wild Geese Alighting on the Sandy Shore
1.3 Jiu Kuang/Weintrunkenheit/Wine Madness
1.4 Tein Feng Huan Pei/Der Klang Des Jadeschmucks, Der Die Himmel Erfullt/Sound of Jade Ornaments Filling the Skies
1.5 Liang Xiao Yin/Heiterer Abend/Serene Evening
1.6 Changmen Yuan/Klage Der Kaiserin Chen/Lament of Empress Chen
1.7 Pu An Zhou/Buddhistische Beschworung/A Buddhist Incantation
1.8 Zui Yu Chang Wan/Abendlied Des Trunkenen Fischers/Drunken Fisherman's Evenings Song

Mingyue, Liang: Yangguan San Die: Parting At Yangguan


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