Liars: The Apple Drop (Limited Edition Recycled Color Vinyl)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Liars

Title: The Apple Drop (Limited Edition Recycled Color Vinyl)
Label: Mute U.S.
Product Type: VINYL LP

LIARS / APPLE DROP - The Apple Drop is the brand new studio album from Liars. The genesis of the album came following Angus Andrews' inclusion on the judging panel for the Australian Music Prize where he listened to every entry. As a result Angus fully immersed himself in the local music scene and became more connected to the musical community as well. Unlike TFCF which was a mostly solo affair, the album was made with 2 local musicians in Australia - Lawrence Pike and Cameron Deyell. Full Length Vinyl

1.1 The Start
1.2 Slow and Turn Inward
1.3 Sekwar
1.4 Big Appetite
1.5 From What the Never Was
2.1 Star Search
2.2 My Pulse to Ponder
2.3 Leisure War
2.4 King of the Crooks
2.5 Acid Crop
2.6 New Planets New Undoings

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