Locks, Damon / Mazurek, Rob: New Future City Radio

Locks, Damon / Mazurek, Rob: New Future City Radio
Title: New Future City Radio
Artist: Locks, Damon / Mazurek, Rob
Label: International Anthem
UPC: 789993993338
Genre: Jazz

International Anthem Recording Co. - Damon Locks & Rob Mazurek - New Future City Radio - New Future City Radio is the first duo collaboration of longtime creative partners Damon Locks & Rob Mazurek. In a hyperactive 40-minute, 18-track suite that runs like a boombox mixtape, the two prolific multi-media artists contemplate community, transformation, and the future through the programmatic format of a pirate radio station for the people. Damon Locks - voice & sampler / Rob Mazurek - trumpet, piccolo trumpet, sampler, modular synthesizers, voice, flutes / Recorded & Engineered by: Dave Vettraino at International Anthem Studios, Chicago.

1.1 5-4-3-2-1
1.2 Yes! the Sun Returns
1.3 Breeze of Time
1.4 Your Name Gonna Ring the Bell
1.5 New Future
1.6 Droids!
1.7 The Concord Hour
1.8 Future City
1.9 10Mins Past the Hour
1.10 Support the Youth (With Sound)
1.11 The Beat
1.12 Las Niñas Estan Escuchando (The Children Are Listening)
1.13 Flitting Splits Reverb Adage
1.14 Twilight Shimmer
1.15 Suspense in the Grip of Suspense
1.16 Polaris Radio
1.17 Drop

Locks, Damon / Mazurek, Rob: New Future City Radio


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