Love: Forever Changes Live

Love: Forever Changes Live
Title: Forever Changes Live
Artist: Love
Label: Madfish Records Uk
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 636551895019
Genre: Rock

Recorded At The Royal Festival Hall, London, 15th January 2003 Originally released in 1967, Love's Forever Changes is a classic. It constantly appears on critics' top ten albums of all time and it's fusion of folk-rock and psychedelia has influenced a generation of musicians. In January 2003 Arthur Lee returned to London to perform Forever Changes in it's entirety at the Royal Festival Hall. Following years in the wilderness, the gigs marked the start of an unlikely and remarkable comeback. 'Forever Changes In Concert' is special, Arthur Lee's performance is truly outstanding and this interpretation of the all time classic was cited by critics as matching the quality and importance of the original work.

1.1 Alone Again or [4:00]
1.2 A House Is Not a Motel [4:06]
1.3 Andmoreagain [4:05]
1.4 The Daily Planet [3:42]
1.5 Old Man [3:28]
2.1 The Red Telephone [7:05]
2.2 Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale [3:57]
2.3 Live and Let Live [5:13]
2.4 The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This [3:39]
3.1 Bummer in the Summer [2:31]
3.2 You Set the Scene [7:11]
3.3 Orange Skies [3:10]
3.4 She Comes in Colors [3:00]
3.5 Listen to My Song [2:45]
4.1 August [5:04]
4.2 Seven and Seven Is [2:24]
4.3 Your Mind and We Belong Together [4:12]
4.4 Signed DC [6:46]
4.5 My Little Red Book [2:31]

Love: Forever Changes Live

Product-type:VINYL LP

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