Williams, Lucinda: World Without Tears

Lucinda Williams: World Without Tears
Title: World Without Tears
Label: Lost Highway

World Without Tears is the highly anticipated new release from Lucinda Williams. Following on the heels of her Grammy Award winning album Car Wheels on a Gravel Road and Essence. One listen to the 13 songs on World Without Tears and it's easy to understand why she was heralded as "Best Songwriter" by Time Magazine.

1.1 Fruits of My Labor
1.2 Righteously
1.3 Ventura
1.4 Bleeding Fingers
1.5 Over Time
1.6 Those Three Days
1.7 Atonement
1.8 Sweet Side
1.9 Minneapolis
1.10 People Talkin'
1.11 American Dream
1.12 World Without Tears
1.13 Words Fell

Williams, Lucinda: World Without Tears

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