Toothfairy: Does Not Work Well with Reality

Lust of Decay: Does Not Work Well with Reality
Title: Does Not Work Well with Reality
Artist: Toothfairy
Label: Comatose
UPC: 827166114927
Genre: Heavy Metal

Purity Through Dismemberment is the follow up to Lust of Decay's 2004 release "Kingdom of Corpses". with this new album Lust of Decay has stepped up and exceeded any and all expectations of what they are capable of releasing. Top notch audio production and an absolutely flawless performance with sheer and blinding barbaric violence. This album is everything you expect to hear when listening to true death metal. Do not pass up this masterpiece of brutality, this album is an absolute 'must have'

1.1 Exchanging Perversities
1.2 Scarification
1.3 Intolerable Cruelty
1.4 Licking Bacterial Ecstacy
1.5 When Anesthesia Fails
1.6 Embryonic Breeding for Cannibalistic Devourment
1.7 Raging Swarm
1.8 8
1.9 9

Audio Sample:
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Toothfairy: Does Not Work Well with Reality


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