Nyeky, Mario: Riding with the Elephant

Mario Nyeky: Riding with the Elephant
Title: Riding with the Elephant
Artist: Nyeky, Mario
Label: Meyer Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 4260088442109
Genre: Folk

The debut solo album "Riding With The Elephant" written and composed by the Cologne Songwriter Mario Nyeky is the second release from Meyer Records' Kitchen Recording Series. With this series the Cologne label focuses on capturing intimate acoustic pieces with a minimalistic approach and recorded with high end technical equipment. (The Vinyl Edition of this series on the other hand is everything but minimalistic, presenting itself with a self-produced songbook along with every Album, including lead sheet and lyrics.) Occasionally featuring The Road double bass player and vocalist Pierce Black, "Riding With The Elephant" reveals an extensive and versatile spectrum of Nyeky's repertoire. With delicate finger picking and gentle chords it's sound can be found somewhere between classical song writing, folk and a little country-feeling. At the heart of this Album are 8 new songs which are less characterized by the desire to travel than the Road-songs and present a more personal and subjective side of the author. This intimacy can be found in the poetic escapism of the song "Riding With The Elephant", the instrumental composition "Apache" or the very emotional title "Love Over Gold" (a lullaby he wrote for his daughter and which will possibly also appear on the next The Road album). "Riding With The Elephant" reinforces Mario Nyeky's exceptional position in Europe's Songwriter landscape where peers rarely achieve so much with so little.

1.1 Nothing New
1.2 Once in the Fields
1.3 Castles
1.4 Every Time the Rain Falls
1.5 Apache
1.6 Sigh No More
1.7 Riding with the Elephant
1.8 Love Over Gold

Nyeky, Mario: Riding with the Elephant

Product-type:VINYL LP

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