Maritime: Magnetic Bodies / Maps of Bones

Maritime: Magnetic Bodies / Maps of Bones
Title: Magnetic Bodies / Maps of Bones
Artist: Maritime
Label: Dangerbird
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 842803012015
Genre: Rock

Dan Didier and Davey von Bohlen have been playing music together for more than 20 years. Since founding The Promise Ring in 1995, they have been at the center of some of the most influential recordings in Emo and Indie Pop, influencing the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World whose 2001 album 'Bleed American' name checks Von Bohlen in the song A Praise Chorus with the line, 'So come on Davey, sing me something that I know'. Thorough all manner of personal and professional changes Didier and von Bohlen have continued to record and tour with Maritime, the spinoff band they started in 2003 that continues to that shape and defines the ideals of the genre they are widely credited with establishing. 'Magnetic Bodies / Maps of Bones' finds the core lineup of Didier, von Bohlen, bassist Justin Klug and guitarist Dan Hinz following up the polished hooks of 2010's 'Human Hearts' with something a little more risky, a little weirder, a little more oblique in it's sentiment but nonetheless purposeful. Von Bohlen's words, especially, are back to their old impressionism, with pathos one minute and unbridled joy another. 'Maritime's musical development', wrote Pitchfork while reviewing 'Human Hearts', 'has become a compelling narrative of it's own, each subsequent record in many ways both improving upon and elucidating the last.' With 'Magnetic Bodies / Maps of Bones', Maritime feels younger than it's years, and yet in full possession of it's own hard-won wisdom and experience. It feels like a band with nothing to prove, but that's going to prove it anyway.

1.1 Nothing Is Forgot
1.2 Satellite Love
1.3 Roaming Empire
1.4 Light You Up
1.5 War Tattoos
1.6 Drinking Peru
1.7 Collar Bones
1.8 Inside Out
1.9 Love You in the Dark
1.10 When the Bone Moon Dies

Maritime: Magnetic Bodies / Maps of Bones

Product-type:VINYL LP

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