Steinbach, Mark: Glass and Bach in Dresden

Mark Steinbach: Glass and Bach in Dresden
Title: Glass and Bach in Dresden
Artist: Steinbach, Mark
Label: Orange Mountain
UPC: 801837015027
Genre: Classical Artists

A passionate advocate of both historic and new music, Mark Steinbach is University Organist, Curator of Instruments, and Senior Lecturer in Music at Brown University. On Glass and Bach in Dresden, he performs on the renowned 1755 Silbermann Organ, one of the most famous organs in all of Europe, which is located at the Cathedral of St. Trinitas in Dresden Germany. The program ties together the music of two composers, Philip Glass and J. S. Bach, separated by centuries yet inextricably linked on a musical level. While it's a rare treat to hear Bach on an instrument very much of his time, it's also a special gift to hear modern music on such a prestigious instrument.

1.1 Prelude ; Fugue in D Major, BWV 532 (Feat. Mark Steinbach)
1.2 Mad Rush (Feat. Mark Steinbach)
1.3 Nun Komm, Der Heiden Heiland, BWV 659 (Feat. Mark Steinbach)
1.4 Dance No. 4 for Organ (Feat. Mark Steinbach)

Steinbach, Mark: Glass and Bach in Dresden


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