McKennitt, Loreena: Parallel Dreams

McKennitt, Loreena: Parallel Dreams
Title: Parallel Dreams
Artist: McKennitt, Loreena
Label: Quinlan Road Import
UPC: 774213910325
Genre: New Age

UK 2010 remastered pressing. Seemingly from another world (but really just from Canada) harpist/songwriter Loreena McKennitt possesses a multi-octave singing voice that lights up her celestial, Celtic-derived compositions. She often matches classic British poetry with original music that mines neoclassical terrain mixed with Elizabethan folk, Middle Eastern styles, and other ethnic influences. She has been releasing albums of her unique music since the mid-1980s to a devoted following, and she'd remained an independent artist until the late '90s, when she signed a distribution deal with Warner Brothers. McKennit continued to record and tour selectively on her own schedule into the 2000s.

1.1 Samain Night
1.2 Moon Cradle
1.3 Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance
1.4 Annachie Gordon
1.5 Standing Stones
1.6 Dickens' Dublin (The Palace)
1.7 Breaking the Silence
1.8 Ancient Pines

McKennitt, Loreena: Parallel Dreams


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