Megadeth: Greatest Hits: Back to the Start

Megadeth: Greatest Hits: Back to the Start
Title: Greatest Hits: Back to the Start
Label: Universal

Import pressing of this limited edition CD/DVD (PAL/Region 0) package is expanded to add approximately 40 minutes of video content, including a new Mega-Mix music video for "Kill the King," edited from past music videos and behind the scenes footage, seven previously unreleased live performances from the band's 1999 Risk tour, and a preview for the Arsenal of Megadeth double DVD set. Capitol.

1.1 Holy Warsthe Punishment Due
1.2 In My Darkest Hour
1.3 Peace Sells
1.4 Sweating Bullets
1.5 Angry Again
1.6 A Tout Le Monde
1.7 Trust
1.8 Kill the King
1.9 Symphony of Destruction
1.10 Mechanix (2002 Remix)
1.11 Train of Consequences
1.12 Wake Up Dead
1.13 Hangar 18
1.14 Dread and the Fugitive Mind
1.15 Skin O' My Teeth
1.16 She-Wolf
1.17 Prince of Darkness
1.18 Kill the King - Mega-Mix Video
1.19 'Megadeth Live' Intro Screen / Prince of Darkness
1.20 Holy Warsthe Punishment Due
1.21 In My Darkest Hour
1.22 Hangar 18
1.23 Sweating Bullets
1.24 Symphony of Destruction
1.25 Peace Sells
1.26 Preview for Arsenal of Megadeth

Megadeth: Greatest Hits: Back to the Start

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