Haydn / Dartsch / Tschurl: Sonatas for Piano & Violin

Michael Dartsch: Sonatas for Piano & Violin
Title: Sonatas for Piano & Violin
Label: Telos Records

The sonatas for piano and violin by Joseph Haydn have, up to now, barely been featured in concert programs, a fate they share with the sonatas of Johann Christian Bach and the early sonatas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. These works of beautiful violin and piano sonatas will leave the listener wanting more.

1.1 I. Allegro
1.2 II. Adagio
1.3 III. Finale: Presto
1.4 I. Moderato
1.5 II. Tempo Di Menuet
1.6 I. Allegro Moderato
1.7 II. Menuet Al Rovescio - Trio
1.8 III. Finale: Presto
1.9 I. Allegro Moderato
1.10 II. Menuett
1.11 III. Finale: Presto
1.12 I. Andante
1.13 II. Allegro

Haydn / Dartsch / Tschurl: Sonatas for Piano & Violin

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