Sanders, Nick: Playtime 2050

Nick Sanders: Playtime 2050
Title: Playtime 2050
Label: Sunnyside

Sanders' individual approach and the strikingly singular language developed by the trio have commanded the attention of no less discerning a stylist than pianist Fred Hersch. "When you know that Fred Hersch is watching and listening to everything you're doing, you have a tendency to deliver at your utmost capabilities," Sanders describes.

1.1 Live Normal
1.2 Manic Maniac
1.3 Playtime 2050
1.4 Prepared for the Blues
1.5 Still Considering
1.6 The Number 3
1.7 Interlude for S.L.B
1.8 Endless
1.9 It's Like This
1.10 Hungry Ghost
1.11 RPD
1.12 Prepared for the Accident
1.13 #2 Longfellow Park

Sanders, Nick: Playtime 2050

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