Nielsen / Borup / Staupe: Complete Violin Solo

Nielsen / Borup / Staupe: Complete Violin Solo
Title: Complete Violin Solo
Artist: Nielsen / Borup / Staupe
Label: Naxos
UPC: 747313387076
Genre: Classical Artists

The music of Carl Nielsen holds a very special place for Danes, defining the nation's musical voice for over a century and reflecting the soul of Denmark. Nielsen was a violinist from childhood, his early Sonata in G major having 'a scent of Mozartian youth,' while the newly published Romance in G major was dedicated to his first teacher. Mature works include the Second Violin Sonata, 'a work unparalleled in the sonata literature,' and the Prelude, Theme and Variations inspired by Bach's Chaconne for solo violin. This collection represents the first ever recording of Nielsen's complete music for violin solo or with piano.


Nielsen / Borup / Staupe: Complete Violin Solo


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