Nits: Adieu Sweet Bahnhof

Nits: Adieu Sweet Bahnhof
Title: Adieu Sweet Bahnhof
Label: Music on CD

CD reissue. Adieu Sweet Bahnhof is the seventh studio album from the Nits. They were founded in 1974 and their musical style has varied considerably over the years, as has their line-up with the core of Henk Hofstede (the group's lead singer and lyricist), Rob Kloet, drummer, and Robert Jan Stips (Supersister, Golden Earring) on keyboards. There is a lot of synthesizer to be heard, but here it is used and played creatively by someone who knew something about programming and performing early '80s-era synthesizers. Nits find their own identity, a more sophisticated chamber pop. Fulfilling and inventive, warm and almost symphonic, melancholic, romantic but playful.

1.1 Woman Cactus
1.2 Silly Fool
1.3 Think It Over
1.4 Mask
1.5 Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof
1.6 The Tender Trap
1.7 The Infant King
1.8 Vah Hollanda Seni Seni
1.9 Mountains in Minutes
1.10 Fanfare
1.11 The Poor Man's Pound
1.12 Villa Homesick
1.13 The Ballroom of Romance

Nits: Adieu Sweet Bahnhof

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