Orgone: I Get Lifted / It's What You Do

Orgone: I Get Lifted / It&
Title: I Get Lifted / It's What You Do
Label: Ubiquity
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

"I Get Lifted" is a version of the track Harry Wayne Casey (K.C.) and Richard Finch (later known as KC And the Sunshine Band) produced for George McCrae. LA-based vocalist Fanny Franklin shines on vocals riding an irresistible cosmic-flavored tune that settles nicely somewhere between live disco and spacey soul. On the flip is an instrumental inspired as much by Roy Ayers and Fela Kuti. The sweaty afrobeat work out is buoyed by driving percussion and guitars plus the kind of fat bass line you might expect from a band whose players are well schooled in raw funk. Orgone has been backing band to the Pharcyde, Plant life (including an Australian tour with James Brown and BBC performance for Jools Holland), Tone Loc, and New Orleans funk legend Eddie Bo at the Hurricane Katrina benefit.

1.1 What's It Worth
1.2 Triple Double
1.3 No Delay
1.4 Shorty Shouts
1.5 Model Citizen
1.6 Few and Far Between
1.7 Eyes and Ears
1.8 Roc the Bells
1.9 Adaptacao
1.10 Saywhayusay
1.11 Interlude a Teaspoon of Sugar
1.12 Are You Satisfied
1.13 Dedicated
1.14 Memory Lane
1.15 Found
1.16 Interlude Clap on Clap Off
1.17 Work for Wealth
1.18 Platypus Strut
2.1 What's It Worth
2.2 Triple Double
2.3 No Delay
2.4 Shorty Shouts
2.5 Model Citizen
2.6 Few and Far Between
2.7 Eyes and Ears
2.8 Roc the Bells
2.9 Adaptacao
2.10 Saywhayusay
2.11 Interlude a Teaspoon of Sugar
2.12 Are You Satisfied
2.13 Dedicated
2.14 Memory Lane
2.15 Found
2.16 Interlude Clap on Clap Off
2.17 Work for Wealth
2.18 Platypus Strut

Orgone: I Get Lifted / It's What You Do

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