Pasadena Napalm Division: Pasadena Napalm Division

Pasadena Napalm Division: Pasadena Napalm Division
Title: Pasadena Napalm Division
Label: Minus Head Records

Pasadena Napalm Division unleashes pure old school thrash fury on it's self-titled debut for minus HEAD Records. The Texas group counts genre vets Kurt Brecht [vocals] of the legendary D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles), Greg Martin [guitar], Scott Sevall [guitar], and Ronnie Guyote [drums] of Dead Horse, and Bubba [bass] among it's ranks. In addition to the first single - 100 Beers with a Zombie, the album boasts a vocal duet with Tony Foresta of 21st century thrash upstarts Municipal Waste on - Murder The Bearded Lady Killer. This isn't just a new beginning for the members of Pasadena Napalm Division; it's a new dawn for thrash as a whole.

1.1 100 Beers with a Zombie
1.2 Bleached Blonde Despair
1.3 Cemetery Mass
1.4 Don't Care
1.5 Dreamland
1.6 Failure [Explicit]
1.7 My Own Little God
1.8 Murder the Bearded Lady Killer [Explicit]
1.9 Non Ti Amo
1.10 Spell It Out
1.11 All of a Sudden Dead
1.12 Terror Cell
1.13 Speaking in Tongues

Pasadena Napalm Division: Pasadena Napalm Division

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