Weller, Paul: Saturns Pattern

Paul Weller: Saturns Pattern
Title: Saturns Pattern
Artist: Weller, Paul
Label: WB / Parlophone
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 825646134700
Genre: Rock

Last year, 2014, Paul headed back into his regular recording haunt, Black Barn Studio in the Surrey countryside, to work on Saturns Pattern, his follow-up to 2012’s tour-de-force of cut-up pop-punk-kraut and abstract escapades Sonik Kicks. Working alongside his regular sound-desk collaborator Jan “Stan” Kybert (Oasis, Bjork, Massive Attack) in the producer’s chair for the first time, and with trusty engineer Charles Rees close at hand, he had a very different album in mind. He wanted something with a bit of swing and space in it. And so work on Saturns Pattern began.

1.1 White Sky
1.2 Saturn's Pattern
1.3 Going My Way
1.4 Long Time
1.5 Pick It Up
2.1 I'm Where I Should Be
2.2 Phoenix
2.3 In the Car
2.4 These City Streets

Weller, Paul: Saturns Pattern

Product-type:VINYL LP

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