Philm: Harmonic

Philm: Harmonic
Title: Harmonic
Label: Ipecac Recordings

HARMONIC is the debut rock project from Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo featuring the bass player from WAR and the guitarist/vocalist from Civil Defiance. It's understandable to assume that a side project that features a member of Slayer will probably sound similar to the extreme metal sound that the group helped trail-blaze. But upon hearing the musical direction that Slayer drummer Lombardo has embraced with his new band, Philm, fans are certainly in for a surprise.

1.1 Vitriolize
1.2 Mitch
1.3 Hun
1.4 Area
1.5 Way Down
1.6 Harmonic
1.7 Exuberance
1.8 Sex Amp
1.9 Amoniac
1.10 Held in Light
1.11 Dome
1.12 Killion
1.13 Mezzanine
1.14 Mild
1.15 Meditation

Philm: Harmonic

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