Pissed Jeans: King of Jeans

Pissed Jeans: King of Jeans
Title: King of Jeans
Label: Sub Pop
Product Type: VINYL LP

If 2005's Shallow was Pissed Jeans coping with moving out of their parents' homes, and 2007's Hope for Men their initial reaction to the mechanical lifestyle of a wage-earner, King of Jeans is their formal and uneasy acceptance of adulthood, by way of one hell of a rock record. From simple minds and simple fabrics comes this King of Jeans. And there can be only one.

1.1 False Jesii, Pt. 2
1.2 Half Idiot
1.3 Dream Smotherer
1.4 Pleasure Race
1.5 She Is Science Fiction
1.6 Request for Masseuse
1.7 Human Upskirt
1.8 Lip Ring
1.9 Spent
1.10 R-Rated Movie
1.11 Dominate Yourself
1.12 Goodbye (Hair)

Pissed Jeans: King of Jeans

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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