Queen: Queen II (2011 Remaster)

Queen: Queen II (2011 Remaster)
Title: Queen II (2011 Remaster)
Artist: Queen
Label: Island UK
UPC: 602527638881
Genre: Rock, English

Digitally re-mastered edition of the British Pomp Rock band's 1974 sophomore album. Queen II is the real beginning of Queen as we know it. It's the first time we hear the multi layered overdubs, the harmonies, the varied musical styles (ballads, Folk, Blues, Metal, Pop and Rock, it's all there). It also includes their first hit single 'Seven Seas of Rhye', which led to the first of many iconic performances on Top of the Pops. The band recorded Queen II in just over a month in 1973 ahead of it's release in 1974. The album cover was shot by legendary photographer Mick Rock and inspired by a Marlene Dietrich portrait. The image was later brought to life in the revolutionary 'Bohemian Rhapsody' video. Island.

1.1 Procession
1.2 Father to Son
1.3 White Queen (As It Began)
1.4 Some Day One Day
1.5 The Loser in the End
1.6 Ogre Battle
1.7 The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke
1.8 Nevermore
1.9 The March of the Black Queen
1.10 Funny How Love Is
1.11 Seven Seas of Rhye

Queen: Queen II (2011 Remaster)


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