Rachmaninoff / Leiferkus / Shelley: Complete Songs 2

Rachmaninoff / Leiferkus / Shelley: Complete Songs 2
Title: Complete Songs 2
Artist: Rachmaninoff / Leiferkus / Shelley
Label: Chandos
UPC: 095115945124
Genre: Classical Composers

1.1 Were You Hiccoughing, Natasha?
1.2 Night
1.3 Fate Op.21, No.1
1.4 By a Fresh Grave Op.21, No.2
1.5 Twilight Op.21, No.3
1.6 They Replied Op.21, No.4
1.7 Lilacs Op.21, No.5
1.8 Fragment from a. Musset Op.21, No.6
1.9 How Peaceful Op.21, No.7
1.10 On the Death of a Siskin Op.21, No.8
1.11 Melody Op.21, No.9
1.12 Before the Icon Op.21, No.10
1.13 I Am Not a Prophet Op.21, No.11
1.14 How Pained I Am Op.21, No.12
1.15 There Are Many Sounds Op.26, No.1
1.16 All Was Taken from Me Op.26, No.2
1.17 We Shall Rest Op.26, No.3
1.18 Two Farewells Op.26, No.4
1.19 Let Us Leave, My Sweet Op.26, No.5
1.20 Christ Is Risen Op.26, No.6
1.21 To My Children Op.26, No.7
1.22 I Beg for Mercy Op.26, No.8
1.23 I Am Again Alone Op.26, No.9
1.24 At My Window Op.26, No.10
1.25 The Fountain Op.26, No.11
1.26 Night Is Sorrowful Op.26, No.12
1.27 Yesterday We Met Op.26, No.13
1.28 The Ring Op.26, No.14
1.29 All Passes Op.26, No.15

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Rachmaninoff / Leiferkus / Shelley: Complete Songs 2


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