Rancid: Let the Dominoes Fall

Rancid: Let the Dominoes Fall
Title: Let the Dominoes Fall
Artist: Rancid
Label: Epitaph
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 045778684311
Genre: Punk

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2009 album from the Punk heroes, a ready-made classic that'll take it's place alongside And Out Come the Wolves as a touchstone of the genre. The new songs show a lyrical depth previously unmined. Punk has often seen the world as 'us vs. Them' but with these songs, Rancid show an empathy for working Americans that recalls Springsteen Or Petty. Produced by Brett Gurewitz.

1.1 East Bay Night
1.2 This Place
1.3 Up to No Good
1.4 Last One to Die
1.5 Disconnected
1.6 I Ain't Worried
1.7 Damnation
1.8 New Orleans
1.9 Civilian Ways
1.10 The Bravest Kids
1.11 Skull City
1.12 L.A. River
1.13 Lulu
1.14 Dominoes Fall
1.15 Liberty and Freedom
1.16 You Want It, You Got It
1.17 Locomotive
1.18 That's Just the Way It Is Now
1.19 The Highway

Rancid: Let the Dominoes Fall

Product-type:VINYL LP

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