Rastamouse: Best Friends

Rastamouse: Best Friends
Title: Best Friends
Label: Little Demon

2016 release containing a free pull-out activity sheet, games, poster and alternative sleeve. cBeebies favorite Rastamouse presents Best Friends, the follow up to Makin' A Bad Ting Good. The smash hit and critically acclaimed children's TV animation series has become a phenomenon since launching on cBeebies and has quickly developed into one of the most popular children's shows in the UK. The music and songs on the album has been recorded with real instruments and will appeal to both kids and parents. Rastamouse & Da Easy Crew are a crime busting mouse reggae band, who split their time between making music and solving mysteries. Featuring Rastamouse on lead guitar, Scratchy: DJ and bass player, and Zoomer the bongo player and speediest mouse in mouseland!

1.1 Our Town
1.2 Originality
1.3 Take It Easy
1.4 "Dis Is for Real FM" (Intro)
1.5 Ya Never Too Old (Da Sandy Bay Boyz)
1.6 Da Mouseland Anthem
1.7 Grovetown (Acapella Version)
1.8 Work, Work, Work (Da Sugamice)
1.9 Sorry
1.10 Mi Love Mi Music
1.11 Best Friends (Acoustic)
1.12 You Can Be Anything
1.13 Rastamouse Medley
1.14 Thank You

Rastamouse: Best Friends

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