McKendree, Rj: Wallflower

McKendree, Rj: Wallflower
Title: Wallflower
Label: Hand of Glory

The album is a dreamlike, poetic record that reaches through time, rich with metaphor from landscape, soil and rock. Drawing on outsider blues, psychedelia, and the early folk rock scenes of both the US and UK, 'Wallflower' possesses an expansive feel that sometimes turns dark, dense and murky, leaning into the ritual and folkloric mysteries that lurk on the edge of a Dartmoor-esque landscape.

1.1 Cow of the Road
1.2 Villager
1.3 Bog Asphodel
1.4 Clapper Bridge
1.5 Penny Marshwort
1.6 Gods of Mist, and Stone
1.7 Little Meg
1.8 Mrs. Nicholas
1.9 Marsh Pennywort
1.10 Sad Portrait of a Dog
1.11 Sea Cabbage

McKendree, Rj: Wallflower

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