Votolato, Rocky: Brag and Cuss

Rocky Votolato: Brag and Cuss
Title: Brag and Cuss
Label: Second Nature
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Brag & Cuss marks a major turning point in Rocky Votolato's career. Unlike the minimal acoustic guitar and vocals of his breakthrough Makers, it's very much a band record. Featuring a group of exceptionally talented musicians - James McAllister (Sufjan Stevens), Bill Herzog (Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter), Casey Foubert (Pedro the Lion), and Rick Steff (Cat Power, Hank Williams, Jr..) - the album ventures at times into the classic country territory of lovers, drinkers, and the distant oasis of a truck stop on a stretch of dark highway. If Makers (which more than doubled the sales of Rocky's previous release and introduced him to a whole new audience) was his first giant step up, then the Brag & Cuss marks his arrival as a major force in American songwriting.

1.1 Lilly White
1.2 Postcard from Kentucky
1.3 Before You Were Born
1.4 Wrong Side of Reno
1.5 Red Dragon Wishes
1.6 Blue Rose
1.7 Your Darkest Eyes
1.8 Time Is a Debt
1.9 Whiskey Straight
1.10 Old Holland
1.11 Silver Trees

Votolato, Rocky: Brag and Cuss

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