Hill, Roy L.: Booker T's Child

Roy Hill L.: Booker T&
Title: Booker T's Child
Label: Folkways Records

A controversial (though influential) figure in African American history, Booker T. Washington's image is sanctified here as poet and author, Roy L. Hill, combines forces with Washington's daughter, Portia Washington-Pittman. Pittman reflects on her father's life and attempts to counteract the negative perceptions about her father with her own thoughtful understanding of Washington's disposition. The compilation includes a recording of a speech delivered by Booker T. Washington at the opening of the Atlanta Cotton States in 1895.

1.1 Booker T.'s Child
1.2 Portia
1.3 Booker T. Washington, Atlantic Exposition Address (Original Recording 1895)

Hill, Roy L.: Booker T's Child

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