Sad13: Haunted Painting

Sad13: Haunted Painting
Title: Haunted Painting
Artist: Sad13
Label: Wax Nine Records
UPC: 634457026230
Genre: Rock

2020 release. Haunted Painting, Sad13's second album and first for Dupuis' label Wax Nine (Melkbelly, Johanna Warren), marks her return to artmaking. "Some of these songs feel like emotions that came from a cloud, and I was trying to translate them," she says. But the scope of a Sad13 song is rarely only personal. As ever, Sad13 weaves timely societal critiques into rushing hooks and whip-smart wordplay that's all still a blast: riffer "WTD" is about climate gentrification and billionaires' consequent desire to colonize the ocean and space.


Sad13: Haunted Painting


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