See Through Dresses: End of Days

See Through Dresses: End of Days
Title: End of Days
Artist: See Through Dresses
Label: Tiny Engines
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
UPC: 633757256514
Genre: Rock

Principal songwriters MATTHEW CARROLK and SARA BERTULDO, along with drummer NATE VAN FLEET and bassist ALEX KIRTS, have crafted a catalogue of songs indebted to classic post-punk and new wave artists of the '80s, but their sonic footprint more closely resembles the textural treatments of '90s dream-pop and shoegaze. The arrangements often build as though to erupt, only to implode. There are moments when Bertuldo and Carroll sound noxious and distant, their voices doused in reverb, their guitars droning and pulsing. When the clouds look dark, See Through Dresses offer flashes of pure pop sunshine to punctuate those moments of isolation and distance.

1.1 Diamonds
1.2 Radiant Boy
1.3 Pretty Police
1.4 Light in August
1.5 Herbivore
1.6 Catacombs
1.7 Violet
1.8 Shelley
1.9 Lucys Arm
1.10 Horse of the Other World

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See Through Dresses: End of Days

Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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