Seoul: I Become A Shade

Seoul: I Become A Shade
Title: I Become A Shade
Artist: Seoul
Label: Grand Jury
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 855579005242
Genre: Rock

I Become A Shade is meant to be - an examination of poles - a debut that rains with the melancholy of sidelong glances and rented rooms, while frequently transcending it's own desperateness in moments of breathless self-discovery. While one might think something labored over for so long would come with a prescribed understanding, Seoul would rather fans meet and interpret the record at their own personal junctures.

1.1 I Become a Shade
1.2 The Line
1.3 Haunt / a Light
1.4 Real June
1.5 Fields
1.6 White Morning
1.7 Stay with Us
1.8 Thought You Were
1.9 I Negate
1.10 Carrying Home Food in Winter
1.11 Silencer
1.12 Galway

Seoul: I Become A Shade

Product-type:VINYL LP

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