Shadow Ring: Put The Music In Its Coffin

Shadow Ring: Put The Music In Its Coffin
Title: Put The Music In Its Coffin
Artist: Shadow Ring
Label: Blank Forms
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 783970982599
Genre: Rock

Recorded in summer of 1994 at S.H.P studios (frontman Graham Lambkin's parents' home), the group's sophomore record Put the Music in It's Coffin is a more sinister, saturnine affair than their debut City Lights. From the get-go, the record has a menacing, vile ambience. It's opening track "Horse-Meat Cakes," inspired by an anecdote by pulp author Philip K. Dick about how he and his wife subsisted off low-grade pet food when he first arrived in San Francisco, sets the tone lyrically and sonically. Subsequent tracks are filled with Rabelaisian body horror and sinewy, haptic diction. "I try to pass out vital organs, convinced that they are waste," intones Lambkin in "Heart, Liver & Lungs," before a chorus of detuned guitars kicks in, nearly drowning out the speaker's account of consuming chevaline intestines. Later songs similarly detail vernacular cooking ("Caribbean Porridge," about a cornmeal hangover cure), bodily processes ("Nocturnal Middle Rumbles," about nighttime defecation), and creaturely conflict ("Crystal Tears" and "Spin The Animal Dial").

1.1 Horse-Meat Cakes
1.2 Heart, Liver ; Lungs
1.3 Put the Music in It's Coffin
1.4 Remembering Old Friends
1.5 Mustard Hooves
1.6 Nocturnal Middle Rumbles
1.7 Caribbean Porridge
1.8 Crystal Tears
1.9 Spin the Animal Dial
1.10 Moonlight in Wings

Shadow Ring: Put The Music In Its Coffin

Product-type:VINYL LP

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Release Date: 10/06/2023

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